Jalex Online is a UK based company serving the global market with both established and innovative products for Equine, Poultry and pets including dogs, cats, birds, and fish.   We are a vibrant and energetic company, developing a strong client base who love our products. Whatever your interest is and whatever you are interested in, Jalex is sure to help.

Pet wellbeing focused.

Dogs are a man’s best friend!   An old saying but still true to form, we love our dogs like one of the family and sometimes they are treated like kings and queens!

We have a multitude of top-quality products from food to car safety accessories. Everything you can think of you can find in Jalex Pet Shop.   

Nothing but the best for your beloved member of the pet family.

Cats are one of the most loving pets you can have, they will snuggle up on your lap for hours at a time and purr to show their affection. They are great companions and will always be there to keep you company.   Jalex has a variety of products to keep them entertained when your busy at work to so great products to keep them healthy.