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PURE LINSEED OIL is a premium product produced by cold pressing whole linseed to produce a pure linseed oil. It is the only Linssed Oil available that has the correct amount of Vitamin E added to achieve 1 unit of Vitamin E per ml of oil, as recommended by equine nutritionists. It also contains rosemary extract which acts as a natural antioxidant to preserve the oil and maintain palatability.

High in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, it supports general health and is ideal for a healthy coat, skin and for gaining condition in a safe way.

This product is a complementary feedstuff for horses, ponies and donkeys. It can be added to a single feed or split between two or more feeds as directed. Per 100ml: Estimated energy: (DE) 3.7 MJ; Omega 3 (Linolenic acid) 56g; Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) 16g; Omega 9 (Oleic acid) 17g. Analysis: Oils & Fats 99%; Protein 0%; Ash 0%; Fibre 0%; Salt 0%; Vitamin E 1000 IU/kg Composition: Linseed oil; Vitamin E; natural antioxidant (rosemary) Additives (per Kg): Vitamin E (as tocopherol acetate) 1000IU.

Instructions for use & feeding guide

Per day for weight gain & condition, stamina or as an alternative to cereals

Pony Approximately 250kg                 150ml              (approx. ½ mug)

Horse Approximately 500kg               300ml              (approx. 1 mug)

Large Horse Over 750kg                     450ml              (approx. 1½ mug)

Per Day for healthy skin & coat or to maintain existing condition

Pony Approximately 250kg                 75ml                (approx. ¼ mug)

Horse Approximately 500kg               150ml              (approx. ½ mug)

Large Horse Over 750kg                     225ml              (approx. ¾ mug)

As with any change in feeding, introduce slowly over at least 5-7 days

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible 

*Based on average horse feeding rate 

Do not exceed the recommended intake

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