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Myco-toxins are toxins produced by fungi and moulds.

These fungi and moulds can often be found in hay, haylages, fruits, nuts, herbs, cereals and hard feeds. They cannot be seen by eye, do not smell, do not always cause any visual change to the feed or forage and horses usually cannot taste them so they are ingested.

Often they result from imperfect harvesting conditions or poor storage.

Ingestion of mycotoxins can result in lack of energy or spark, poor coat condition, weight loss and sometimes digestive upsets. Commonly, when seen by a vet for these issues, a blood sample will be taken, where raised liver enzymes are seen.

Feeding MycoBind on a daily basis will help reduce the damage caused by mycotoxins, alongside promoting a healthy digestive tract, and improving natural defences.

  • Helps prevents the absorption of mycotoxins from forage and feed
  • Supports a heathy digestive environment
  • 1.55kg tub provides a 1 month supply for a 500kg horse

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