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Science Supplment's ProKalm products are designed specifically to treat anxiety in horses and ponies. The effects of anxiety in horses can damage their performance, potential and cause them to be a difficult animal to handle. Stress can lead to a lack of concentration as well as other detrimental behaviours such as spooking easily, bolting, crib biting, box walking and more, as well as increasing the likelihood of other conditions. Its also not nice for your horse or pony.

ProKalm is an innovation in the management of anxiety, and they contain four key ingredients which help to ease nervousness and the calming effects can be seen within half an hour of consumption. Feeding ProKalm can ease the stress of a horse for up to eight hours; use a low intake to take the edge off a stressed horse, a moderate intake to calm your horse during demanding situations, and a high intake to help manage a horse that is unruly and difficult to handle.

Prokalm comes in 4 different sizes using a unique formulation that acts rapidly in as little as 30 minutes with the effects lasting up to 8 hours. At low intake ProKalm is perfect for "taking the edge off". At moderate and high intake, ProKalm is suitable for more demanding situations. ProKalm is available as a feed supplement or as a syringe and can be fed as required, either for isolated situations or as a daily feed to achieve consistent performance.

60g syringe

336g Pouch

1.1kg tub gives approximately 5 weeks supply

3.3kg tub gives approximately 3 months supply

Feeding Guide

Tub & Pouch - Instructions for use and feeding guide

Level 25ml (16g) scoops per day
Pony - approximately 250kg1 - 3
Horse - approximately 500kg2 - 4
Large Horse - over 750kg2 - 6

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible.

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